Drzewo Genealogiczne Rodziny Banasik, Bargiel, Gąsior, Lipka, Tyrna z Jaworzno Poland

Stefan Sikora1832

Stefan Sikora
Given names
Birth May 11, 1832 26 20
Birth of a brotherJózef Sikora
December 14, 1834 (Age 2)
Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824EC1139ED001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF305
Birth of a sisterMarianna Anna Sikora
July 5, 1837 (Age 5)
Address: dom 29 św.ur. Józef Sikora, Agnieszka Helbin
Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824010538B4001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF174
Birth of a sisterAnna Sikora
1838 (Age 5)
Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824A7983986001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF265
Birth of a sisterRegina Sikora
1843 (Age 10)

Birth of a brotherSebastian Sikora
October 26, 1847 (Age 15)

Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824FCEF3A08001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF314
Birth of a brotherJan Sikora
October 29, 1850 (Age 18)

Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8825017C3A0D001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF316
Birth of a brotherFranciszek Sikora
July 1, 1853 (Age 21)

Globally unique identifier: 53FCD882504553A10001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF317
Death of a fatherJan Sikora
September 10, 1855 (Age 23)
Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824323B38F7001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF204
Cause: cholera
Death of a motherKatarzyna Kosyrz,Pietrasik
September 18, 1876 (Age 44)
Address: dom 32 wdowa
Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824355E38FB001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF206
Death of a sisterMarianna Anna Sikora
March 27, 1879 (Age 46)
Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824023F38B5001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF175
Death of a brotherFranciszek Sikora
July 22, 1911 (Age 79)

Globally unique identifier: 53FCD882505D23A11001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF318
Death of a brotherJózef Sikora
November 25, 1917 (Age 85)

Globally unique identifier: 53FCD8824ED2939EE001A9206FC7817F
Record ID number: MH:IF306
Family with parents - View family
Marriage: October 12, 1830Jeleń
19 months
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
18 months
younger sister
6 years
younger sister
5 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother